Postponed to 2021 | SACHEON - SOUTH KOREA

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  • Peter GILLE

    Peter GILLE

    Vice President & General Manager

    Peter Gille has broad aerospace industry experience in aircraft and turbine engines R&D, operations, MRO, engineering and sales. He is the Vice President and General Manager of TurbineAero Asia and in this role he is the company’s accountable manager covering operations, sales and business development in the Asia Pacific region, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

    Mr. Gille formerly held positions in the Triumph Group as Director of Operations and Engineering at Triumph Aviation Services – Asia between 2006 and 2017, Director of Engineering at Triumph Air Repair in Phoenix, AZ in 2009 and 2010, and in 2008 he assumed the position of Director of Sales & Business development for the Triumph Group covering Europe, Africa and the middle East. Prior to Triumph, Mr. Gille was employed at Sabena Technics in Belgium as Aircraft Base Maintenance Manager from 2004 to 2006, and APU, GSE and Avionics Services manager from 1999 to 2004. His aerospace career began in 1998 as a Production Engineer of the Boeing heavy maintenance hangars of Sabena Technics in Belgium.

    Mr. Gille holds a master engineering degree in electro-mechanics which he obtained at the Industrial Engineering School of Antwerp, Belgium and holds a master engineering degree in Aeronautics and Aerospace Technologies from the universities of Leuven, Brussels and Ghent and the Royal Military School in Brussels, Belgium.

  • Jinjia LIN

    Jinjia LIN

    Quality and Supply Chain Representative

    Quality & Supply Chain Representative of STELIA AEROSPACE since 2012 after graduation from University of Technology of Compiegne for Master Degree on Quality Management.

    Based on the different Chinese suppliers sites during 7 years for WPs (Frame1 SA, Floor Grid SA, NLGB, CDF, EBD and HD), she works with STELIA French team and the Chinese supplier team in order to ensure the delivery on time, good quality on WPs and the continuous improvement.

  • Hee Don YANG

    Hee Don YANG

  • Minsu CHOO

    Minsu CHOO

    Aerostructure Contract Team Senior Manager & Chief

    Mr.Choo has contributed to the development of Korea Aerospace Industries over 30 years.
    Based on the experience of working at the Tooling Engineering Team(Non-Design Tool Manager, 1990-1993), he had led the Localiztion/Domestic Supplier Management Team from 1993 to 2010. In recognition of his management skills, He had moved to Business Strategy & Planning Management, Management Planning Department 2010 for working antoher 3 years; he is currently working as a chief of Aerostructure Contract Team, Domestic Procurement Department in KAI.

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